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Wrapped in Silent Elegance

She's not just a pretty face
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This community is dedicated to the many actresses of old and new generations. Here you can post pictures, backgrounds, icons, graphics, etc. of an actress of your choice. It is not a community that only girls can post in. It is a community that pertains to female actors! So have fun and be creative!


1. Be nice to everyone. If prehaps you are having a problem with another member, bring it to my attention and we'll take care of it. Otherwise keep the drama outside the community.

2. Put large posts behind lj-cut. Be curteous to those who have the community listed on the friend's page. Please, large posts behind lj-cut.

3. You are allowed to promote other communities as long as they pertain to the subject of this community. And if you do perhaps promote a community, please add something else to your post pertaining to this community as well.

Thanks guys! And have fun!

If you have an actress in mind that is not listed on the interests below, let me know and she'll be added. Thanks.